Cindy Blankenship

Cindy Blankenship

Journalist, Travel Writer

Journalist since 1997, degree in education, Oregon Publishers Association awards. Specialties: outdoor travel (U.S. mostly), nature, health, environment, animals, green living, human rights.

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Children's Activities in Oahu, Hawaii | Everyday Life - Global Post

Children's Activities in Oahu, Hawaii | Everyday Li...

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Yosemite Facts for Kids | Everyday Life - Global Post

"Today's children will inherit the national parks that protect wilderness and provide places of beauty and recreation. A child whose interest in these parks has been sparked might some day find the deep satisfaction and refreshment they offer and might help carry the torch of conservation. Sharing some of the amazing features of Yosemite National Park in California's Sierra Nevada Mountains can provide that first spark of interest in the outdoors...."
One of many fun facts in this article: "In high-country meadows, backpackers spy the pika (pronounced pi kuh). This small animal resembles a cross between a rabbit and the Pokemon character Pikachu, except the tan-colored pika sleeps in a nest of grass it collects, instead of in a friendly boy's pocket."