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Cindy Blankenship

Journalist, Travel Writer

Journalist since 1997, degree in education, Oregon Publishers Association awards. Specialties: outdoor travel (U.S. mostly), nature, health, environment, animals, green living, human rights.

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Campgrounds in Joshua Tree National Park | eHow

"Campers come to Joshua Tree National Park for many reasons, often to climb. Some scale vertical walls soaring to the desert-blue sky. Others enjoy less-dizzying challenges. If you've ever wished you could be a kid again scrambling over the smooth rock formation and climbing through the tunnels on Disneyland's Tom Sawyer's Island, Joshua Tree is your answer – without the water but with a whole lot more rocks, and in the form of arches, tunnels and varying sizes and astonishing shapes. Photographers, nature lovers and those seeking the desert's solitude and enchanting sunrises and sunsets pitch their tents or park their RVs at Joshua Tree...."

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Camping Near Ka Lae, Hawaii | eHow

"One of the main attractions at Ka Lae is Hawaii's only green sand beach, Papakolea, which is tinted by olivine crystal that falls from an eroding cinder cone. Also known as South Point, Ka Lae is the southernmost point of land in the United States. It is here in the Kau District where the first Hawaiians landed: Polynesian explorers who, navigating by the stars, paddled their double-hulled canoes thousands of miles before discovering the Hawaiian Islands in the middle of the Pacific. At South Point, home to Hawaiian temples and the island's first fishing villages, ancient canoe moorings juxtapose with remote-control boats that today’s fishermen use to cast lines in the face of rough seas and winds. Camping nearby lets you spend more than a day experiencing this sacred and interesting place."

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Support Groups for Parents of Teens & Young Adults | eHow

"You know the drill: To take good care of your child, you need to take care of yourself. Joining a support group for parents of adolescents is a significant step in this direction...."

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Reasons Why Having Good Manners is Important

"If you ever find yourself at a loss for words when a child asks you what the big deal is about manners, you are not alone. In case some are not satisfied with "just because" as an answer, research reveals many reasons, some quite interesting, for manners. Basically, good manners often result from being considerate of others. "Manners are not taught in lessons," as Lewis Carroll's Alice told the White Queen. Etiquette, which is much more complex and often arbitrary, can be taught in lessons. To quote Emily Post: "Manners are a sensitive awareness of the feelings of others. If you have that awareness, you have good manners, no matter what fork you use...."

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List of Teenage Help Organizations | eHow

"Organizations offering help to teens include local support groups, professionals, youth centers and religious organizations. These can be found with a call to a school counselor or county mental health department or through an Internet search using the name of your town, keywords such as teen, youth or young adult and the type of support sought. National organizations often serve teens via phone, Internet and sometimes local outreach programs. Most are nonprofit, confidential and free...."

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Campgrounds With Yurts in Oregon | eHow

"When you stay in a domed tent-cabin hybrid known as a yurt, you'll be surrounded by the sounds of nature, but you won't need to worry about bundling up. Oregon was the first state to add these canvas and wood-frame variations of Mongolian shelters to state park campgrounds. Of the more than 20 state campgrounds with yurts, all offer hot showers and restrooms and all on the 365-mile Oregon coast book year-round...."

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The Effect of Parents on an Adolescent's Choice of Career

"The closer your adolescent gets to adulthood, the more he knows about himself and the frightening and exhilarating truth that the choices he makes now will help determine the course of his future. While a career choice needn't be set in stone -- most adults change careers at least once -- a parent can help his fledgling choose wisely. The parent can best help not by providing unsolicited advice but by offering 'respect and support,' according to"

Romantic camping games article

Romantic Camping Games | eHow

"The crackle of a fire, fresh air and starry skies make camping a romantic activity for outdoorsy couples and even novice campers. Whether or not the elements cooperate, fan the romantic flames by putting a starry-eyed spin on traditional camping games, from games played at the picnic table to in the woods, and depending on where you're at in the relationship, maybe even the tent...."

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How to See Turtles on Oahu | eHow

Of Hawaii's three species of native sea turtles, the green Hawaiian sea turtle, called "honu," is the one you'll most likely see off Oahu. Honu has been listed as threatened by the Endangered Species Act since 1978, and at time of publication is making a comeback in Hawaii. In Hawaiian mythology, the sea turtle is a messenger and protector. Basking and nesting on beaches, gracefully propelling through the water -- up to 35 mph -- raising its head for a breath of fresh island air or nibbling plants from the rocks, the honu is a highlight of many a vacation....


Tourist Attractions in Northern California | eHow

"Northern California is a vast and incredibly diverse region for those who come to play and be awed in many different ways. Its natural and cultural attractions include the majestic redwoods, misty and craggy coastlines, inspiring mountains of granite and volcanic origins, crystal blue lakes, pastoral valleys where wine grapes and wine tasters thrive, recreational rivers and the city by the bay where Tony Bennett left his heart...."

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List of Nonprofit Organizations for Animals | eHow

"From abused companion animals to victims of factory farms, the black-market exotic pet trade and circuses, many of the nation's animals are not treated well. On the bright side, more than 20,000 U.S.-based nonprofits that help animals are listed in nonprofit databases such as GuideStar. Some of these nonprofits work worldwide while others work locally, most welcome volunteers and many run sanctuaries that provide tours...."

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How to See the Aspen Leaves Change in Colorado | eHow

"Aspens in autumn, with their bright yellow leaves fluttering about slender, tall white trunks, dazzle viewers everywhere, but in Colorado you can enjoy them amid the majestic Rockies. As days grow shorter and temperatures drop, aspens, like other deciduous trees, conserve energy by discontinuing their production of chlorophyll. In turn, green pigment dissolves, revealing warm colors. The temperature factor and Colorado's ever-changing weather make it nearly impossible to predict the gilding of the aspens, other than to point to somewhere from mid-September through the first week of October. The show typically lasts only a week, although moisture and cooler temperatures lengthen the golden season...."

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Fundraising Ideas for Animal Rescue Groups

"Although countless stories of animal abuse blight the United States, thousands of rescue groups, led and supported by people who care, are making a difference. It takes money to run spay, neuter and release programs, to rescue and care for and find homes for neglected or otherwise mistreated animals. Hold fundraisers that grab attention, educate, garner support and leave participants, whether they're dropping cash into a box or paying a fee, feeling good about the part they play in the effort to help animals...."(Hundreds of eHow readers found this article helpful.)

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Facts on Camping | eHow

""Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in, where nature may heal and give strength to body and soul alike," John Muir wrote in his book, "The Yosemite," published in 1912. A century later, when most Americans live in cities and suburbs and lead lightning-fast lives, the need for nature's restorative properties is even greater...."


Homemade Sea Otter Costumes | eHow

"Using a few facts about sea otters, along with a hoodie and pants and a handful of craft items, create otter costumes for your special event, whether a marine life educational day or Halloween. The DIY costume is suitable for all ages, from tots to seniors who want to pay their respect - and look cute while doing it -- to the world's smallest marine mammal, an endangered species that lives in the nearshore waters of the Pacific Coast."