Cindy Blankenship

Cindy Blankenship

Journalist, Travel Writer

Journalist since 1997, degree in education, Oregon Publishers Association awards. Specialties: outdoor travel (U.S. mostly), nature, health, environment, animals, green living, human rights.

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Big Bear Grizzly

The chainsaw menagerie | Outlook |

"The chainsaw wizardry at Kirby’s Custom Carvings that has been featured in Sunset magazine and various television programs continues to garner attention. A life-size elk and grizzly bear viewable from Big Bear Boulevard attract flocks of locals and visitors...."

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Big Bear Grizzly

Finding joy Behind the lens | Grizzly Weekender |

Finding joy Behind the lens | Grizzly Weekender | ...

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Big Bear Grizzly

Bill Ferguson Imagineering a Theater | Grizzly Weekender |

Former Disney Imagineer moves to Big Bear and combines his engineering experience with his performing arts talent. Mr. Ferguson is an inspiration to career changers and others considering living their dreams. The story is an example of how I handle a short profile.

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Big Bear Grizzly

Horsing Around | Grizzly Weekender

Seven miles from Big Bear Village, sounds of the city fade to the whisper of wind in the pines and the soft clip clop of hooves on a dirt trail. The quiet is broken with a relaxed blow or snort of a horse, the cry of a hawk and the easy chatter of trail guides.

Baldwin Lake Stables invites greenhorns and wranglers. While the rides are geared to the novice, an experienced rider who doesn’t mind reining in the urge to go at any pace faster than a walk may also enjoy the tour. Tour is the operative word. Riders are regaled with stories....

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Big Bear Grizzly

Annie’s Art: Reflections of nature | Grizzly Weekender |

A profile I wrote for Big Bear's weekly newspaper. "Her love of nature, concern for the environment and artistic skill combine to create art that is lead-free, highly functional, durable and beautiful with soft matte glazes, lots of greens and blues, and imprints from plants that create an elegant yet earthy look..."